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First IBI Graduating Class


In August 2019, in cooperation with the Alliance of Vibrant Evangelical Churches, Inc. (AVECI) in the Philippines, PRIME Ministries established the Ifugao Bible Institute (IBI) in the province of Ifugao on the island of Luzon. The Bible Institute brings structure to the education program and credibility to the education received by pastors and church leaders in this rural area of the Philippines. The Bible institute began with two campuses. The first campus was started in Piwong, Hingyon, Ifugao with the second campus starting soon after in Nepayew, Asipulo, Ifugao. The first cohort of students to graduate included 21 men and women who served as pastors or church leaders from 13 churches in three provinces.

Graduates of the IBI are encouraged to attend the Teacher Training Workshop and undergo continued development as teachers and leaders. 10 graduates are now teaching in the Ifugao Bible Institute and the institute has expanded from two campuses to nine. The second generation of students are now studying the ten course curriculum. The first expansion of the Bible institute has included the establishment of campuses in the neighboring provinces of Quirino, Nueva Viscaya, and Benguet.

Balacbac, Hucab Campus
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